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Error 0×80070057 Description:

0×80070057 is an error code that indicates your system has corrupted internal data or inconsistent DLL files.  It is a common Microsoft error that is caused by poorly configured drivers, incorrect system settings or damaged registry files. Scan the your Windows registry for free to check for errors and other important system areas. The software utility automatically locates and repairs corrupted files.

If error code 0×80070057 is being displayed by Windows, your system is damaged and requires immediate repair. This website provides you with a free diagnostic utility to understand the reasons for code 0×80070057 and other Microsoft errors. If you need more information from us about a particular situation or error, please leave your questions or comments in the form below.

In most cases, you receive the 0×80070057 error code when you attempt to update Microsoft software. Additionally, the 0×80070057 error code also appears when your operating system is not able to successfully execute a command or program due to incorrect system parameters. If you are unable to back-up data, reformat your hard drive or create a system restore point, error code 0×80070057 can also appear.

0x80070057 Repair Tool


Error 0×80070057 is the result of:
  • Damaged or corrupted registry
  • Missing or damaged DLL files
  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Accidental deletion of critical system files

Fix Error Code 0×80070057 – Registry Corruption

Error code 0×80070057 often appears due to corrupt, damaged, or misplaced files in the registry. The Windows registry is a specialized database that stores important system settings and program configurations. When you install, delete, or change software in Windows, the registry is always affected. Over time, after several program installations and deletions, the registry can become jeopardized.

A problematic registry can cause poor system performance, software conflicts, and error codes like 0×80070057. To solve the 0×80070057 error manually, you need to identify every single corrupt registry file and fix them manually. This difficult and time intensive process requires computer knowledge and skills that most PC users don’t possess. In addition, any mistake made while fixing the registry can cause serious and sometimes irreversible system damage. We strongly recommend using the free diagnostic application to scan your system’s internal registry files in order to quickly repair problems automatically.

0x80070057 Repair Tool


Fix Error Code 0×80070057 – Virus/Malware Infection

Viruses are small but highly malicious programs that are designed to damage, corrupt or remove important files from within your operating system. If your computer lacks adequate virus or spyware protection, you must take action right away to scan your system to establish whether it is currently infected. Systems with viruses often display symptoms that include slow processing, inconsistent behavior, software conflicts, and error codes like 0×80070057.  We highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, which is also a free Windows based utility.

Fix Error Code 0×80070057 – Missing DLL Files

DLL files, or “dynamic link library” files, are important files that allow software programs to do a specific function and communicate with hardware devices. When you command your system to do certain actions, DLL files ensure your system operates properly. Occasionally, DLL files are missing or damaged, which often results in error codes, system slowdowns, and improper functioning. The 0×80070057 error code could be the result of damaged or missing DLL files, and a thorough diagnostic should be done with following software.

This state-of-art software carefully scans your computer for problematic or missing DLL files. This powerful tool has additional features that thoroughly clean and maintain system integrity for optimal performance and an error-free environment. Download the software now and scan your system for free.

0x80070057 Repair Tool


Error 0x80070057


Tamar V.
Thanks 0×80070057 team – issue was solved.
L. Beejjee
Error 0×80070057 solved successfully!
J. S.
0×80070057 no longer appears after running this software.
J. Mund
This solution worked for me on windows 7 & Windows XP 0×80070057 errors.
R. Levine
0×80070057 issue solved within 15 minutes – thank god.
Jane Thomastian
Thanks guys – worked for me!
Really appreciate the help with issue 0×80070057.